Sunday, December 13, 2009

"One Tribe" Trailer
Lyceum Theatre, San Diego

This was a collaborative performance between MetZin Mann Edutainment Productions and transcenDANCE Youth Performing Arts Group. It was a two day show shot back in August of 2009. The DVD has been completed, but with the little extra time I had on vacation, I just made a quick 1 minute trailer for the DVD.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Bar Elements
Beyond the Friend Zone

It's been a long few months since I last brought up this video. After seeing the raw footage, it was agreed that we needed to change the story line which of course meant a couple more film dates to make the new script happen.

Thank you of course to Bar Elements for thinking of me to do the video, Janice for being great to work with, STAGE in the Gaslamp for allowing us to film on location, as well as hold our casting call, Derek for allowing us to use his place, Brian for again being my camera guy when I needed you, and of course to all those that participated in the crowd scene. What could have taken a couple hours, was all done in a matter of minutes. You all made the "club scene" look great.