Sunday, October 26, 2008

October 5, 2008 - The Shiny Octopus
I'll Be There With You - DAY 1 Music Video Shoot

Over 17 years ago (I'm just giving away my age ha ha) I graduated from jr. high in a small little area called Paradise Hills. One of the girls who I went to school with from Kinder to 8th was always known to have a good and powerful singing voice. Through the years she kept on singing and in 1998 she started her professional career at Disney World as Pocohontas in the stage show. Ten years ago, (I hope this is correct) she joined a band which is now known as The Shiny Octopus. When given the opportunity to create a project to add to my demo reel, the first thing that came to my mind was doing a music video for The Shiny Octopus.

If truth be told, I've seen Arlynn maybe three or four times in the last 17 years. I wasn't even sure at this point if the band she was in still existed. Heck! I didn't even know how I was going to get a hold of her. But as you may have guessed, I made contact with her, and of course after a couple meetings with her and the songwriter, tons of emails back and forth, and a month of preproduction work, our first day to shoot the music video for the song "I'll Be There With You" was set for October 5, 2008.

It was a long drawn out day with filming half of the storyline of the video, numerous shots of the band performing, as well as a sit down interview with them. Lucky for me, I was able to borrow my brother's talents to cater breakfast, lunch, and dinner for my cast and crew. I even let him have a little part in the music video!

The final music video is set to be done the first week of December 2008. But just for giggles, I made an introduction for the band that promotes the coming of the music video. You can click HERE for the short version which basically talks about the song. Or click HERE for the long version of the video. In this version, the band mainly talks about where their name came from, what they've been up to, the music video itself, plus more. On that site you can find photos of the shoot day, but here are a few photos to get you by.

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