Friday, December 12, 2008

The Shiny Octopus
I'll Be There With You

So here we are and almost three months later after the first initial meeting in front of that coffee shop (do I dare even start plugging places ha ha), the music video "I'll Be There With You" has finally come to its close.

Last night my music video was one of ten shown at the school's screening. As much as I've seen this music video over and over again in the last few months, seeing it up on a screen in front of people I didn't know, had to be the weirdest feeling ever. Then having to stand up in front of them for Q&A was even more uncomfortable. HA HA

Special thanks to the band members of The Shiny Octopus (Arlynn, Rollie, Matt, and Don) for giving me the opportunity to make this music video for them. And a shoutout of course to Cedric who played the man in uniform, Anivey as the daughter, Nicholas as the son (who now refers to this song as "the crying song"), my brother Eric who catered for my cast and crew the whole day, which I even repaid him with a cameo in the music video, and my AD for this shoot Brian Salazar, who always seems to let me tell him what to do no matter what for my productions. HA HA

To check out the final music video, click HERE.

To see more on the band, visit their myspace page at:

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